Ekadasi Calendar

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Date: 23/02/2018

Ekadasi calendar days of the current year.

Ekadasi (or Ekadashi) is the eleventh day after the new moon and full moon. They are auspicious days to increase the concentration in spiritual activities. Ekadasi is called Hari Vasara, "the day of Lord Hari" (another name of Krishna).

On Ekadasi, devotees of Krishna practice fasting or simplify their meals and abstain from eating grains and legumes. Fasting on religious holidays is a traditional devotional practice and is a sign of dedication to the spiritual path. If it's practiced with devotion, it accelerate the progress in Bhakti.

In addition to fasting on Ekadasi, devotees spread their devotional activities of singing, scripture reading, prayer and other services to the Lord.

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