Anesthesia Procedures

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Anesthesia Procedures

Category: Tools

Version: 24

Date: 24/02/2018

Anesthesia Procedures by Slateable is an app designed for anesthetist that would like to have a quick video handy to view before they do a procedure. Any Anesthesia Procedure from Peripheral Nerve Blocks, Airway Management, Central Lines, and Neuraxial Blocks. Anesthesia Procedures will help you to become the most competent, autonomous anesthetist possible.

Other Features of Anesthesia Procedures include:

Daily Anesthesia Tip of the Day: You may not need to use the app every day but you will want to stay competent in your anesthesia knowledge. This will help you stay informed with anesthesia knowledge.

Weekly Funny: At least once a week you will want/need a laugh after a stressful day at work. This button will give you a funny video, quote, picture, or meme to cheer you up.

Future Features: We plan to add indications, landmarks, and doses to each procedure as we grow.

If you find a procedure missing don’t hesitate to contact If we add the anesthesia procedure we will highlight you in our social media along with highlight you on the procedure page.

Send us a selfie @slateable after our app helps you do a procedure. We will highlight your photo in our social media. Of course don’t send it if you are still monitoring the patient (safety is important).

Don’t forget to follow us at Facebook and Twitter. And if you have some friends that need to get better with their anesthesia procedures help us out and send them our way at

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