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Boy or girl predictor

Category: Entertainment

Version: 6

Date: 04/10/2017

baby gender predictor plus with 2000 american baby names and calculator eye color
Are you pregnant ?, you would like to know if you have a boy or a girl ? With these test prediction sex of the baby based on the Chinese table and Mayan table you will get to know as many years and even predicted the sex of the baby was planned .
contains scientific and traditional methods and test baby gender prediction , 2000 American baby names and calculator eye color of the baby
Chinese table , table Mayan and other methods of baby gender prediction .
If you are pregnant do you want to know if it's a boy or a girl? You will find the ancient methods to determine the sex of the baby future as well as modern methods.

* The gypsy prediction
* The mathematical method
* The ring method
* The shape of the belly
* Blood test
* Ultrasounds
* Amniocentesis
* Biopsy Corial
....and many more

It also contains a complete predictive calculator eye color of the future baby.
What is the probability of having blue , green or brown eyes ?

It also includes a relationship with more than 2,000 names of American babies !

Author: niebur78

OS: Android , Windows Phone

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