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Category: Libros y referencia: Comics

Version: 8

Date: 18/03/2016

These are the Stiffsteiffs Teddy Bears, the bears with cult following on the internet. Following on from their huge impact on their website, this is the Stiffsteiffs Teddy Bear Adventures app, so everyone on iPhones can join in the fun. These bears are from my girlfriend's teddy bear collection, and were just written originally to amuse her grandchildren, but to our surprise they gained a cult following on the internet, and now people email "when is the next bears adventure?", or where else can we find the bears?
where else but on iPhones i figured, as everyone has an iPhone these days.
these are also humorous tales to ward off low spirits and dark moods, and generally cheer people up.
there are currently forty two bear adventures and they are all here.

Author: moggo3

OS: Android , iOS, Windows Phone

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