NAT Type: Open PS3 / XBoX

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NAT Type: Open PS3 / XBoX

Category: Utilidades, librerías y demos

Version: 4

Date: 03/03/2016

How to Open Up NAT Settings on Your PS3/XboX?

If you are having trouble joining online games on your PS3/XboX , or if you can’t hear other players in games you’ve joined, you may have a Network Address problem.

The NAT on an Xbox PS3/XboX is set to open, moderate, or strict. The latter two NATs limit the connections that your PS3/XboX can make with other consoles on the network: Moderate NATs can connect only with consoles using moderate and open NATs, and strict NATs can connect only with consoles using open NATs.

Here the solution to your problem: NAT Type: Open PS3 / XBoX

(Try these steps on your PS4 and XBoX one)

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