Rubiks Cube Solver

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Rubiks Cube Solver

Category: Entretenimiento

Version: 3

Date: 04/01/2019

For the beginner, and I believe most are beginner, this is the ultimate way to solve your entire life curiosity for Rubik’s Cube. The rubik’s cube solver app. There are a lots of people who never solve rubik’s cube. With this app we provide a step by step easy step to solve rubik’s cube problem.

If you practice consistent enough, later you will be able to solve rubiks cube without the guide. This app will help you to to solve Rubiks cube for the first time in your life.

The Rubiks cube solver app consists of introduction and 7 stages. As a beginner you will be guided step by step to solve Rubiks cube.

Rubiks cube solver introduction part
It will explain the basic parts in rubiks cube, it will help you to understand the solution provided in the later stage.

Rubiks cube solver Stage 1
In stage 1 there some part on the first layer of the rubiks cube that you need to accomplish. To match the top layer edge part with the center on the second layer.

Rubiks cube solver Stage 2
In stage 2 you will need to arrange the top layer corner part

Rubiks cube solver Stage 3
In stage 3 you will need to complete the 2nd layer

Rubiks cube solver Stage 4
In stage 4 you need to create a cross with the top layer edge.

Rubiks cube solver Stage 5
To match the top layer edge part with the center parts below

Rubiks cube solver Stage 6
To move the top layer corner parts to the appropriate place

Rubiks cube solver Stage 7
To arrange the balance part of the layer and complete the cube.

Author: helmy78

OS: Android , Windows Phone

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