How To Play Saxophone

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How To Play Saxophone

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Date: 17/03/2018

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Like starting any other musical instrument, learning to play the saxophone will take some time to get the hang of how it works. With a little time and patience, you will start to enjoy sax music before you know it.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you start learning to play the saxophone. First, ask yourself whether it's you (assuming you're an adult) or a child that wants to learn, since there are different saxophone types on the market. Some are better suited to young children because of their size, while others are more preferable for the adults. Some tend to be easier for beginners to learn, while others are an excellent choice for advanced players. Ask your saxophone/music shop to share with you what they think may be your best option.

Most people will either want to learn in a classroom setting or work with a private instructor to begin learning how to play the saxophone. If you have no idea where to start looking for these classes and instructors, check out your local community centers, music shops or local phone directory to start investigating where these classes are held. There are also online saxophone lessons available that utilize Skype video conferencing.

For those adventurous types who are looking to learn on their own, you can buy yourself some good quality instruction books. There are a few beginning saxophone self teaching books available online but almost all of them with play-along CD's are written for the alto saxophone in e-flat.

Once you are comfortable with this positioning, the next step is to learn how to control your breath, since it is important to allow a steady flow of air as you play. As you blow air into the saxophone, the air will hit the reed and create various sounds depending on which key you were pressing at the moment.

Learning the saxophone is a skill that will take quite some time to master. It is also going to take time to learn how to breathe comfortably while you are playing, so try not to get too frustrated in the beginning if it seems tiring or a slow process. It takes time to master these skills. If it seems tiring in the beginning, you might want to consider some basic breathing exercises to strengthen your stamina.

By practicing every day, you will improve your skills over time. As you are learning the basic techniques, and if you decide to learn on your own, you may want to consider purchasing or borrowing DVDs which will show how the techniques are being performed correctly. This can be a very helpful tool for some beginners.

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