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Date: 17/03/2018

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Drums are the basic of modern instrument that can be learned for beginner musician. If you are interested in playing drums, at least you have to start it with liking the beats and rhythm of the drums. Drums can be learned if you have the urge to learn and you are patience in learning the techniques of playing guitar.

There are many parts of drums that you need to know. The parts are tom-toms, snare, bass drum, floor tom, cymbals, and also hi-hats. Remember that all of the parts have different role in producing rhythms and beats. Bass drum or kick drum is used to produce the bass sound which surely able to bring the main beat and tempo. This is an important part of a drum which gives the soul of your drum play.

You have to keep in mind that your task is to make sure that every player is on time. Timing must be considered as the important thing in making good song. You are not just playing with the beat but also play with the time and manage that everyone can follow the rhythm. You also need to add the groove on the song to make it livelier.

You will need to learn all types of drums in order to master it. You will find many different types and sizes of drums set such as sticks, tunings, bass drums, cymbals, snare drums, and tom toms.

Practice properly if you want to be a good drummer. You can put the metronome at slow speed to make you feel relaxed. You can count when you are playing the drum. Listen to the sound of your drum to know your progress. If it is possible, you can record your music by your self so you will notice your progress.

If it is possible, you can also ask somebody else who can play other instrument to work with you. This will make you able to perform with a band. It is very good to have companion while you are practicing.

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