How To Play Harmonica

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How To Play Harmonica

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Date: 14/03/2018

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Do you love music? Are you looking for the perfect instrument to start learning on? Whether you’re musically inclined or not, there’s no better instrument to begin with than the harmonica! A beginner harmonica is inexpensive, easy to learn and is the ultimate portable instrument.

Before you run out and buy your very own beginner harmonica, let’s take a moment to talk about the three basic types of harmonica:

1. Diatonic Harmonica – thought to be the first type of harmonica created, Diatonic’s have just 10 holes and are perfect for beginners!

2. Tremolo Harmonica – a great harmonic (or harp) that has double holes placed on top of each other. It’s a great choice for traditional music, but is more advanced that the Diatonic harp.

3. Chromatic Harmonica – The most advanced of the three listed, the Chromatic was designed to fill in the missing notes of the Diatonic.

For a beginner harmonica the best place to start is with a Diatonic harp, preferably in C Major (can be found on the box or stamped directly on the harp). Most basic harps will cost you between $5-20. You’ll have no trouble finding much more expensive models, but they’re better suited to the more advanced (and serious) harp players.

After you purchase your new harp, you need to be aware of the two easy rules to help your harp last for years to come. One, always play your harp with a clean, dry mouth. And two, when you’re done playing tap it out a few times to get rid of any moisture (saliva) left in the harp. There’s no need to run water through it as that can cause the wood to swell and is generally bad for your harp.

Now that you’ve bought your first harp and know the basics for helping it last you for years, you’re ready to begin learning how to play!

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