How to give a massage

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How to give a massage

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Date: 14/11/2016

Whether you want to get a massage or find out how to give one, there are some important tips and guidelines to keep in mind. Safety is of the utmost importance, so be sure that you’re aware of contraindications and vulnerable spots on the body before giving your loved one a massage or settling in for one yourself.
Giving a massage is great, but it’s even better when you take time to remember important massage-giving rules. They help you perform your best work and, most importantly, give your partner the best experience possible.

Review these rules before you begin giving a massage:

Do no harm: This guideline is the number one rule for giving a massage. Make sure you’re aware of the moves that you shouldn’t make, the places that you shouldn’t press, and the conditions you shouldn’t treat.
Think 3-D: Try to visualize the invisible physical structures beneath the skin that you’re affecting with your hands during the massage.
Use your whole body: Remember to use correct body mechanics in order to save your own body from overexertion while applying just the right amount of pressure for your partner.
Focus on the other person: A massage is no time to be thinking about politics, sports, the weather, or your upcoming turn to receive a massage yourself. As fully as you can, focus on your partner, what she’s feeling, and how you can make her feel better.
Go out of your mind: After you figure out the moves, practice the technique, and focus on your partner with all your concentration, you can stop thinking. Let go of your extraneous thoughts — and even your thoughts about doing a good job.
Get creative: Go ahead, go crazy; just let yourself feel whatever you’re feeling and go with your intuition. As long as what you’re doing is generated from caring and commitment to your partner, it’s going to be the right thing.
Let love flow: Certain people develop an ability to send a very distinct and palpable sensation of love into their fingers and palms. You can feel it when they touch you. Everyone else has the potential to develop that ability, so why not use massage as an opportunity to explore your own innate abilities to send a powerful message of caring to others through your touch and presence?

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