Creative Geometric Tattoos

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Creative Geometric Tattoos

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Date: 26/12/2016

When we hear geometry, what first comes to our mind is symmetry. Although, geometry is not just all about symmetry, there is a lot more to geometry than that. Symmetry is just a part of geometry which makes it that much more interesting. Today, geometry or rather geometrical designs are seen everywhere, be it a commercial symbol or something fashionable as your clothing or accessories. What’s more surprising is that geometrical designs have now become a favorite among tattoo lovers as well. Geometric tattoos are quite a trend amongst tattoo lovers these days, especially sacred geometric tattoos.

We humans have been on a journey to connect with our Mother Nature for a long time now. We have tried every dimension, every place, and every possible idea to do so. Sacred geometric tattoo is just one among these. Tattoos have long been believed to be patrons of spirituality. Even in the ancient times, tattoos were used as a means of spiritual representation and were believed to enhance people’s health and spirituality. Even today, people who opt for having a spiritual tattoo inked onto their body generally do so with a purpose of improving their health and enhancing their spiritual self. It is believed that placing sacred geometric tattoos on particular body parts will do so.

Mankind has always yearned to attain balance in their lives and tattoos provide a perfect means for that. The symmetric nature of geometric tattoo designs is conjured by a collection of different shapes in perfect balance. Such tattoos are again inked on body parts because of the meaning they carry. Mandalas are one of the favorite designs for geometric tattoos. Mandalas in Hinduism is said to represent the universe and is often depicted in tattoo designs in various forms. Ouroboros is another popular geometric design used by tattoo lovers. This tattoo is just that much meaningful as is the mandalas.

Ouroboros in Greek means tail devourer. This tattoo design actually is an ancient symbol that depicts a dragon or a serpent eating its own tail. This symbol represents our nature’s cyclicality. As a geometric tattoo design, this symbol reflects a person’s self-reflexivity or their cyclic nature, the circle of life and death. There are various versions of this symbol, such as the ones used in alchemy. There is one symbol, double ouroboros that has two serpents joining at the opposite ends of each other, is similar to the philosophy of yin-yang. Double ouroboros is a symbol that represents volatility.

Similarly, geometric owl tattoo is another popular design used by men and women. Owl is often seen as a symbol of wisdom, secretiveness, mystery, intelligence, mysticism, etc. There are many more geometric tattoos such as these three which have a meaning attached to them. You would often see both men and women inked with such meaningful tattoos on their bodies. Here is a collection of 50 most creative geometric tattoo designs for men and women. Sift through and choose the designs that represent you and reflect your inner self the best.

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