Number Crush Saga

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Number Crush Saga

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Version: 7

Date: 03/03/2016

2048 Number Crush Saga is a puzzle game in which the objective is to slide numbered tiles on a grid to combine them and create a tile with the number 2048. It can be regarded as a type of sliding block puzzle

"2048 was a addictive way to pass the time". The game is free to play.

The 2048 Number Crush Saga game has been described as "almost like Candy Crush for math geeks", and There is a massive popularity of 2048, and you have missed out big time if you have not played this game before.

Play the game and challenge yourself to get to 2048.

How to play :

If two tiles of the same number collide while moving, they will merge into a tile with the total value of the two tiles that collided. eg. 2+2 = 4. 4+4=8. 4,8,16,32,64,128....2048

A 2048 scoreboard is on the upper-right keeps track of the user's score. The user's score starts at zero, and is incremented whenever two tiles combine, by the value of the new tile.

The 2048 game is won when a tile with a value of 2048 appears on the board, hence the name of the game.

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Author: user_543b7c513bf34

S.O.: Android , Windows Phone

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