Economics AS Revision

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Economics AS Revision

Category: Educación

Version: 6

Date: 03/03/2016

This is a revision tool for A-Level AS Economics. Revision App.

This app is ideal for students who study economics. It offers comprehensive coverage of the subject together with high quality diagrams to illustrate the topics.

It is ideal for revision and independent learning as it covers material at A-Level suitable for college, sixth form and university.

I have drawn on my experience as student and teacher gaining an A in a-level, giving me great knowledge when writing the content material.

You can easily navigate from one topic to another and also included is a keyword section with many day to day economic languages explained. We have also inputted a video thread into this app in which specialist economist on YouTube are view-able and can teach you on our platform, all in all this is an ready made app for you to revise quick.

Author: revise2go

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